School Spin Bait

A very effective presentation for targeting suspended bass, the School Spin Bait features a durable molded head with a realistic finish. It also comes equipped with sturdy clips and swivels to firmly secure your jigheads and baits, as well as a convenient control ring, which you can slide down the wires for compact storage and transportation. Tie on your favorite jigheads, swimbaits, grubs, etc., the School Spin Bait delivers the performance you need to catch five fish with one cast.

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School Minnow Bait

The School Minnow Bait puts a new spin on the bait by replacing the spinners with Swim Minnows.  The bait features a screw-loc with a centering pin.  The swim minnows pictured are included.   

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School Bait

Our Umbrella Rig unlike others is not made of plastic or lead which can fall apart over time.  Our heads are constructed of a light weight strong and durable metal, the wires are constructed of stainless steel #302 which is corrosion resistant and very durable.  Our baits are offered with .040 or .051 diameter wires.  The .040 diameter wire is the industry standard with the .051 wire preferred by our Pro-Staff and Customers for the heavier swim baits. 

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School Jig

The School Jig is an excellent compliment to your premium school bait.  The School Jig comes with a double extreme bait keeper ensuring your plastics stay on longer and firmer.  Built around a Mustad Ultra Point EWG or Round Bend Hook of your choice.  
Available in Shad color. 

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