Fishing Accomplishments
2nd place at Joe Bass Winter Div. event on Pomme De Terre
1st place USA Bassin Pomme De Terre  March 26th
3rd place and Big Bass USA Bassin Pomme De Terre May 28th
2nd place USA Bassin Pomme De Terre July 23rd
2011- Won Pomme De Terre Div. points Championship
2011- Finished 4th in USA Bassin Regional Tournament at Lake of the Ozarks, also won the USA Bassin 2011 Missouri Regional Points Championship.
1st Place USA Bassin Truman Nov. 5th
Fish for Sight 7th place 216 boats
2nd place finish Joe Bass Truman
Finished 10th in Div. points Joe Bass Truman
I'm an avid fisherman. I enjoy fishing year round, whether its springtime spinnerbaits, or square bills on Truman lake to jerkbaits and wigglewarts in December on Pomme De Terre and Stockton Lakes. No matter what the season is, you can find me on the water searching for that next bite.