The “Limit Out” was designed on the Heavily Pressured Clear Water Ozark Impoundments.  The jigs small profile is ideal when the fish are finicky and looking for a small bait.  The ”Limit Out” Jig is centered around a Stout Gamakatsu Hook and a Hand-Tied 20 strand Silicon Skirt.  Use a super small trailer or ½ of a finesse worm as a trailer to maintain the Jigs small profile.  During our final R&D test the angler in the back of the boat was using the "Limit-Out Jig" with the angler in front using a full size jig, the "Limit-Out" Jig caught 4 times the bass.  Some anglers have been known to further cut-down the skirt. Jigs are offered in 3/8, 7/16 and ½ oz. sizes, sold in a 2-pack.  

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