4.5" B.F.M. - Larger version of one of the hottest baits around!! We designed our 4.5" size B.F.M. for flipping and pitching fanatics.
You asked for it and we delivered!! Our Muskrat has always been a fish producer in a variety of applications. Meet our Big Fish Muskrat, and get ready to catch some giants. This is a terrific bait for flipping especially when you need a kicker fish. The B.F.M. is a phenomenal fish for bedding bass. Big mama just can’t stand it when you put this bait in her bed. Pitch a B.F.M. in there and hang on!! 

• More salt plus hog lard
• In between size can accommodate a larger hook with a screw in weight
• Special plastic and salt formulation to enhance action
• Unbeatable color selection
•More durable plastic stays on the hook better than the competition= More Bites Per Buck!!

4.5" BFM 6/Pk
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